Chicken Coup (Part 1)


I’ve been planning to build a chicken coup for ages. Chickens seem like they would be some of the easiest creatures to have on our small property; not too noise, not too much trouble, and they pay their own way. That’s the theory anyway.

But first, I have to sort out their housing. Every time I mention chickens to my mother, she automatically says with certainty, “They bring rats, you know?!” So, I have decided that my chicken coup must be rat proof.

There are a few other requirements too.

  • Meet the New South Wales building exemption codes for chicken houses, so that I don’t have to submit a Development Application (guidelines).
  • The building part should include two rooms. One as a home for the chickens and the other as a garden shed / vaguely comfortable place to hang out.


What I think I need to do (bearing in mind that I have experience in precisely none of these skills):

  • Dig foundation trench.
  • Concrete for foundations.
  • Run underfloor pipes.
  • Brick upper foundations.
  • Concrete floor section.
  • Wooden framework.
  • Roof and guttering.
  • Install water tank.
  • Attach outer weather board.
  • Install insulation.
  • Inside wall finish (some sort of tin or laminate).
  • Solar panels for lighting and water pump??

My wife has taken to using Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s endearing term of chickenopolis to describe my ambitious chicken coup plans. Only time will tell whether I can pull it off, or whether one corner of the garden will remain a building site into perpetuity.

Cleared ground waiting for chicken coup.

Cleared ground waiting for me to dig chicken coup foundations.

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