The 2012 Bundanoon Garden Ramble

Last month I had the opportunity to traipse around other people’s gardens taking photos and generally getting inspiration for my own gardening ambitions.

The Bundanoon Garden Ramble provided a fantastic insight into the clever ways in which locals had created idyllic settings in their own gardens; some large, some small, some formal, some rambling, but all very impressive.

Screening Plant Ideas

A pretty expanse of screening plants separating parts of the garden.

Garden Path Ideas

Garden Path Ideas.

Garden Path Ideas

Where better for a stroll or picnic?

Garden Path Ideas

A very fancy path exhibited on the Bundanoon Garden Ramble.

Water Feature Ideas

A well placed pond in a pot.

Garden Ornaments

Ideas for placing garden features.

Garden Ornaments

Great placement of a garden pedestal.

Chicken Coup

A chicken coup spotted on the 2012 Garden Ramble.

Outbuilding Ideas

An example of the sort of construction I want to use for my chicken coup.

Veggie Garden Ideas

A veggie garden defined by pavers.

Veggie Garden Ideas

Veggie Garden Inspiration.

Now, if I can only get my own garden looking half as good as any of these, I will be very pleased.

[my photos from the 2013 ramble are here]

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