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This is where we write general journal entries about the day to day of Our Highland Garden.

The 2015 Bundanoon Garden Ramble

Unfortunately we only got to four of the gardens on show at the 2015 Bundanoon Garden Ramble, but what we did see was lovely. Hopefully these photos will do the gardens justice.

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Last updated 11 November 2015

February 2015 – Summer

We’re already three weeks into autumn, so this update is a bit late, much like all of my gardening plans were this summer. The birth of The Daughter in mid-December rather threw my good intentions into disarray. I knew she would keep us busy, but was entirely unprepared for just how busy! So, unfortunately all my gardening goals for the … Continue reading

Last updated 22 March 2015

Photos from Sydney’s Chinese Gardens 2014

A couple of weeks ago we went for a very pleasant visit to the wonderful Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney’s Darling Harbour area. Having been there many times before, there were no real surprises, but it is looking particularly beautiful at the moment. Not much else to say about it really, but I did take a bunch of photos… … Continue reading

Last updated 13 December 2014

November 2014 – Spring

Spring in Our Highland Garden has been a great success, with our fruit trees thriving, our veggie garden going great guns and our bulbs bursting into bloom.

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Last updated 30 November 2014

August 2014 – Winter

This winter has been a quiet time in our garden. I’ve generally been too lethargic to get out into the freezing cold, and the garden has been complicit in my laziness, with very little growth going on. We’ve had virtually no rain since the downpour in May, and the grass has been shrinking rather than growing, so there hasn’t been … Continue reading

Last updated 12 August 2014

Photos from Sydney Botanic Gardens 2014

We went for a lovely walk around Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens last week. I had hoped to take lots of photos of plants for inspiration for our own garden, but unfortunately the gardens are quite sparse during winter. I guess all efforts are saved for peak tourist season. None the less, even with most of the flower and herb beds … Continue reading

Last updated 29 July 2014

May 2014 – Autumn

Autumn came with a rush this year. March was very wet and quite warm, then April hit, night temperatures averaged 6°C to 8°C, and our garden was full of dead leaves. Now it’s the 3rd of May and today is wet and not forecast to top 9°C. We’ve had quite some success with the new veggie garden. It still isn’t … Continue reading

Last updated 3 May 2014