The 2014 Bundanoon Garden Ramble

This weekend’s Bundanoon Garden Ramble was a great success. Rain had been forecast, but both days ended up being sunny, and if one had to gripe, then maybe it was actually a little too hot.

There were eight gardens on show, and they all looked fabulous. There seemed to be a lot more people attending this year, including what looked like a couple of coach loads coming in from somewhere.

As well as the gardens, there were the usual gardening related stalls in the Soldiers’ Memorial Hall, and also a floral display and tea shop in the Old Methodist Church (which the Bundanoon History Group is currently leasing and hoping to turn into an ongoing town facility). Also, the Community Garden was something of a hive of activity. (In the 18 or so months since I last saw the Community Garden, it has come along in leaps and bounds, and is really looking fantastic.)

What a great showing of altruism and town pride. So many volunteers, doing their thing for the Garden Ramble committee, the Bundanoon Community Association, the Community Garden, the History Group, etc.

Anyway, I took a bunch of photos, which haven’t really done the gardens justice, but may be helpful in reminding me about a few inspirational ideas that I wouldn’t mind borrowing.

A veggie garden from the 2014 Garden Ramble.

I really liked this veggie garden.

A shaded garden seat.

A relaxing looking corner in this huge garden.

A garden ornament on the 2014 Garden Ramble.

An imposing garden ornament.

Seating around a fire-pit.

A great looking fire-pit / BBQ for those cold highland nights.

A pathway.

A nicely done pathway.

Garden seating.

Some nice looking seating.

A pathway with low hedging.

A pathway with low hedging and a birdbath.

Formal garden and pond from the 2014 Bundanoon Garden Ramble.

One of the highlights of the day…
A beautiful garden with a beautiful view as a bonus.

A fairy garden at the base of a tree.

A very cute fairy garden at the base of a tree.

Short garden wall.

We both thought this small wall and pot worked really well as a divider.

A scarecrow.

One of many scarecrows that were spread around the town.
I particularly liked this one.

Lots of flowering plants.

A small statue hidden amongst a mass planting of flowers.

An espaliered peach tree.

An espaliered peach tree.

An impressive formal rose bed.

Impressive formal rose beds.

Tawny frogmouth in a tree.

This beautiful Tawny Frogmouth was busily ignoring all the garden visitors who stopped to photograph him; occasionally opening an eye and moving slightly, but mostly just trying to sleep.

A garden pond.

A little overgrown, but it has given me some ideas for a pond in our own garden.

A birdbath.

Simple, but elegant. Once it has grown in some more, this garden bed is going to look fabulous.

So that’s it for another wonderful garden ramble. It’s always great to see the town so full of visitors and happy volunteers. I’m already looking forward to October 2015.

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[my photos from the 2015 Garden Ramble are here]

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