Website History

This website started off in 2012 as a erratic and muddled blog, hidden away at the end of a trail of folders on my business site. It was intended as a way for my wife and I to keep track of what was going on in our garden, and to note down any relevant information that may be useful later. We are both quite organised people, and this site was primarily to answer “when did we plant that xx tree?” type questions.

In June of 2013, I splurged on the $10 fee for a URL and set up our garden site as its own branded website. It now performs its original function, but also provides a more presentable front for sharing our gardening escapades with our friends, and hopefully will offer some mildly interesting reading for people who we’ve never met, out on the greater interweb.

A final function of the site (and the reason the layout is more sophisticated than the content may justify) is that I use it as a test-bed for other website work I do. Apart from a perverse interest in tinkering with HTML/CSS, I run a couple of commercially based sites. Thus, what are probably excessive notes about terms & conditions, and advertising that is unlikely to make more than a few cents on such a limited interest site, are more about me playing around with draft content and new ideas, than about any delusions of grandeur for this specific site. That is also why some days the site’s appearance may change dramatically (and possibly quite gaudily), only to revert to its sleepy backwater self a few hours later.

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