Advertising Policy

We’ve put a few advertisements on this website.

Why we have advertisements

  • This website doesn’t see much traffic, and the money we get from advertising doesn’t go near to covering the site’s annual internet hosting fee (small though it is). However, there is a certain satisfaction that comes through earning even a few cents through the site. It almost implies that we are paid authors. We honestly are looking forward to the day when the site makes enough to cover the cost of a cup of coffee. As we pass the cup back and forth between us, we’re expecting to feel that sense of satisfaction that people get when they work gainfully at a job that they enjoy.
  • Additionally, as noted on the website history page, this site is occasionally used as a test-bed for other more commercially oriented sites, and so playing around with advertising set ups and web analytics is all part of that.
  • And finally, we actually think the advertisements on this site can be beneficial. That is particularly true where we’ve provided a link to buy a book that we found useful. The advertisement shows a nice picture of the book cover and a convenient link to information about the book, for those that might be interested in buying it. The other ads, based on a search engine bot’s view of what the reader is looking for, may even be helpful to someone who’s come to the site looking for information. (OK, maybe a somewhat more tenuous justification on that second one.)

Our Advertising Policy

  • All the paid links on this site look like paid links. We have nothing against sites that use plain hyperlinks to their affiliate markets, but we don’t do that on this site. All our affiliate links either have a “buy me” type button or have some sort of advertisement, advertising the fact that they are in fact advertisements (so to speak).
  • When we provide an affiliate advertisement for a book, it means that we have in fact found that specific book useful. We think it’s anything from reasonably good to fantastic. However, that is in no way meant to guarantee that others will think the same.
  • The content of any Google Ads that appear on the site are supplied by Google. The content is based on what Google’s algorithms think would be relevant to the page on which the ad appears, or on what other algorithms think will appeal to the reader, based on sites they have visited or searches they have conducted. We have very limited control over what is shown in these ads (and any resulting embarrassment that may occasionally be caused).
  • We do not gain anything from the plain text hyperlinks on this site. If we provide a link, then it’s because we think it might be useful to some readers and/or because we like the product or site enough that we want to throw some business their way.

So, that’s our advertising policy (just in case you were wondering).

Advertisements on this site are provided by:

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