Pruning Calendar Australia

The following list of recommended pruning times has been compiled from various books, websites and nursery information cards. There are differing opinions on the best times to prune and we can provided no assurances that this information is correct, but over time we will give updates on our own experiences.

Spring Summer Autumn Winter
September October November December January February March April May June July August
apricot citrus hedges cherry plum hydrangea buxus hydrangea peach geranium
fig apricot geranium westringia currant nectarine
gooseberry apple

My limited experience has been that most trees can handle a bit of a prune at pretty well any time of the year. I believe the above dates are recommended in order to get the best flowering and/or fruit production from the plants.

Further Reading

For a handy little book, listing garden tasks for each month of the year, you could try Penguin’s Australian Gardening Calendar: What to do in your garden each month.

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