September 2013 – Spring is upon us

Spring 2013

Apple tree blossoms, Spring 2013.

So, Spring has definitely sprung – 20° days, mostly 6° nights, but a few still down to near zero. Several extremely windy days trying to blow us off the highlands, although the trees seem to take the huge gusts in their stride, rustling and waving, but otherwise unbothered.

We’ve had a pair of spur-winged plovers nesting on the back lot. They’ve been very protective of the open land there on and off for months, but last week they were decided Kamikaze’ish in their attack vectors. So I went searching the field (sturdy hat on head, broom in hand) and sure enough, right in the centre was a ground nest with four perfectly shaped eggs.

We’ve had a great run of bulbs this year – the regulars from last year and others we purchased online and planted in a couple of beds. The peaches, nectarine, almond and apples are all in various stages of blossoming. The walnut is the only tree showing no signs of life, but I’m wise to its tricks after last year, and am pretty sure it’ll get around to waking up when it’s warmer.


Waratahs flowering brightly.

The waratahs have been a great surprise. I’d all but given up on them, after a few had dropped dead, and the remainder had grown at a snails pace, looking quite stunted. But unexpectedly most of them came through with some stunning red flowers.

It’s been decidedly dry, with no rain for weeks. We’ve taken the opportunity to clean up the edging to the vegetable garden and elsewhere. Presumably it will rain eventually, then the grass and weeds will burst into life, and mowing and trimming hedges will fill our time.

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