May 2014 – Autumn

Autumn came with a rush this year. March was very wet and quite warm, then April hit, night temperatures averaged 6°C to 8°C, and our garden was full of dead leaves. Now it’s the 3rd of May and today is wet and not forecast to top 9°C. We’ve had quite some success with the new veggie garden. It still isn’t … Continue reading

Last updated 3 May 2014

February 2014 – Summer

Summer is almost over, and to be honest, it’s something of a relief. We’ve had an unusual number of very hot days (several of 36° or more, which is hot for the highlands) and it’s been incredibly dry. My new lawn has turned an unhealthy looking shade of brown, despite an occasional watering from me, and everything else is looking … Continue reading

Last updated 17 February 2014

September 2013 – Spring is upon us

So, Spring has definitely sprung – 20° days, mostly 6° nights, but a few still down to near zero. Several extremely windy days trying to blow us off the highlands, although the trees seem to take the huge gusts in their stride, rustling and waving, but otherwise unbothered.

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Last updated 10 September 2013