Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Users of this website should be aware that certain information, as described below, may be stored as a consequence of using this site.

1) Personal information may be provided by you, such as your email address, if you make contact via the website, participate in online discussions or make use of other interactive features of this site. The site owners will not release these details to any other parties or use this information for any other purpose than that for which it was provided.

2) Anonymous information may be collected by the site owners or their internet service providers, to monitor website statistics and for system administration purposes. This information does not include names, addresses or other personal details.

3) Browser Cookies are used on this website (as on most other sites) to track user activity. Specifically, cookies managed by third party service providers (such as Google Analytics) are used to analyse site access statistics. Additionally, third party advertising banners on this site may use cookies to track access across multiple websites in order to personalise the advertisements shown. Information on controlling or deleting cookies can be found through Google or at WikiHow. Please note that by deleting or disabling cookies you may find that some parts of this website do not function as intended.

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